Ai – Harmony

Ki – Energy

Do – the way

Aikido – the way to work with others in harmony


Aikido is more than a method of self-defense. Aikido focuses on principles of cooperation when practicing techniques in the dojo. Aikido principles of courage, decisiveness, and character can also be practiced outside out side the Dojo. A warrior’s way of life is not simply fighting, but is the constant striving for self-perfection in all things.


Aikido focuses on connecting the mind and the body. The body must learn to move in a coordinated manner and with relaxation. Students are encouraged to push themselves, while simultaneously looking out for the safety and well being of their training partners.


Aikido training focuses on conditioning both the mind and the body – it does not view the body and mind as separate.  For this reason, the physical relaxation learned in an Aikido dojo naturally becomes mental relaxation. Aikidoka learn to apply this mental relaxation when faced with the challenges associated with daily life.


Every moment of life involves some sort of conflict – with others, with our environments, and with ourselves. Aikido provides an opportunity to routinely exercise conditioning the mind and the body in a safe environment. The tools learned in this process transcend the walls of the Dojo. When faced with life’s challenges, Aikidoka can leverage the principles learned in the dojo and apply it in their daily life. Aikido directly translated from Japanese can mean the way of working with others in harmony.