Welcome to Bahrain Aikido Academy.

The purpose of this section of the website is to assist all Aikidoka in their exploration of Aikido. Should you find yourself in Bahrain, please come visit us.  Contact information can be found under “Contact Us”.
The videos posted on this site are not intended to be a stand alone training product. They are posted for in support of Bahrain Aikido Academy Aikidoka preparing for their belt examinations. Students attending the Bahrain Aikido Academy may find them beneficial in reinforcing a recently attended class.
It is highly recommended for those who are exploring any Martial Art to attend a Dojo with trained instructors in order to safely guide your way through techniques. If performed incorrectly, any martial arts technique (including the ones posted here) could injure you or your partner. Bahrain Aikido Academy and its instructors assume no liability for those who choose to practice techniques outside of the Dojo.
The videos consist of over 100 techniques, and establish the minimum number of techniques expected of a Kyu Test Candidate. The list of of people donating their time is long and varied – and it would not have made it this far without your contributions – THANK-YOU!
Special acknowledgement is mentioned for Sensei Sufyan’s uke – Chris Carr Sensei, Nidan (at the time of filming). Chris Sensei began Aikido in 1999 and has belonged to clubs in Norwich, (UK) Lisbon (Portugal), Uxbridge (UK) and Bahrain, although the majority of his training has been with the Lincoln Aikido Club (UK) where he currently trains.

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